Sibford School Let’s Cook Together

- 9 February 2021 -

This lockdown, Sibford School have joined forces with Leighton Park School and other UK Quaker schools to run a project called let’s cook together.

Set up by food teachers, Jennie Hatton and Anastasia Carolan at Leighton Park, let’s cook together aims to bring students across the UK together.

Throughout lockdown cooking has been an skill that has helped us through. Sourdoughs, banana bread, cakes, the list goes on; all nourishing our minds and bodies. Have you been getting creative in the kitchen?

As part of let’s cook together, there are ten scrumptious recipes to share, each of which has been chosen because it is delicious and gives you a chance to try something new! All come complete with QR codes to watch the skills and recipes and can all be vegan versions you can use egg or dairy free substitutes. All these recipes work well with gluten free flour, soya or coconut milk.

The students at Sibford have embraced this challenge and as one parent put it: ‘I can confirm the cake is delicious and it’s wonderful to see my daughters confidence grow in the kitchen.’

Head of Food and Nutrition, Emma Crocker said: ‘It has been wonderful to see students cooking in their live lessons, some taking control and leading the session, others making goodies for friends and family.  I have been in school creating these recipes with key worker students too. I am incredibly proud to be part of teaching young people life skills, to see their confidence grow and for them to be proud of something they have made.’

You can follow the Sibford Food and Nutrition Twitter feed to see all the wonderful food being cooked by pupils.

gluten free cookies made by students at Sibford School