A Quaker education is suitable for students of all ages and learning abilities. Our schools provide education for children as young as 2 years old, all the way through to their A-Levels at age 18.

We have excellent provision for students with special educational needs to ensure they reach their full academic ability. Our schools make sure all students are fully integrated into the community and enjoy their time with us.

Early years

Our nurseries and pre-schools are very popular with children and their parents. During their time with us, children are encouraged to develop their own ideas, solve problems and make decisions through active learning.

Teachers are not strangers to children in our schools. Before the first day, teachers can meet with the children in their class and their parents, learn about their interests and dislikes so they can tailor lessons to what will most benefit the child.

There is never a dull moment in a Quaker nursery school. Children are always engaged in enriching activities, from outdoor play to painting, singing to gardening, learning French or music.

During their time in the classroom, children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum in a fun way, making sure they love their school day. In our schools, your child will learn vital skills in literacy and numeracy as well as the personal, social and physical skills they’ll use throughout their entire lives.

Primary education

Our primary education helps children to develop and grow into independent, thoughtful young people. We are passionate about developing the whole person, rather than just their academic ability, so offer an extensive range of extracurricular learning opportunities outside the classroom.

Inside the classroom, students develop their key skills in subjects including: English, mathematics, science, history, geography, religious education, ICT, modern foreign languages, physical education, art, drama, technology (design and textile) and music.

We have small class sizes to make sure all students get the attention they need to achieve and offer a skills-based curriculum. This allows students to put their lessons into practice and get outdoors to develop invaluable cross-curricular skills that they’ll use in their everyday lives.

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Secondary education

During their secondary education, individual identities and passions really start to shine. We encourage students to become independent, thoughtful young people who are engaged both in their studies and the wider world.

We take all our students through their GCSEs and make sure they’ve got the qualifications they need to succeed once they leave the classroom. However, we make sure our learning environments are pressure-free and that students are engaged with their studies.

Quaker schools are not driven by their positions on league tables. Our students succeed in their formal assessments because they typically don’t face the same test anxieties and fear of failure as they would in other schools. Students have the support they need to learn the material and are genuinely interested in the subject matter, so they perform well in test conditions.

We place a lot of focus on extracurricular activities and give our students the chance to explore a wide variety of different hobbies and activities. Sports, art, music and drama are very important in Quaker schools, and we also offer classes in a wide variety of topics, including: cookery, printing, and first aid. There are also lots of chances for volunteering to show students the importance of being involved in their community and the joy in helping others.

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Sixth form education

We encourage a love of learning in every student, and many stay on with us for their higher education. Students can choose from a wide range of different courses based on their interests and future goals and will have a close working relationship with their teachers over the 2 years of their study.

We have excellent provision to offer advice on careers and future aspirations and always support every student in any way possible to help them achieve their goals. Many of our students go on to their first-choice university for further study.

Alongside their A-Levels, students can undertake many additional classes to give them the skills they need for life after school. These include options such as leadership courses, volunteer placements in the UK and abroad, and the Duke of Edinburgh scheme.

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Special educational needs

We know that students have a wide range of abilities, and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide high quality education to all students. We help our students to develop as individuals and can offer a bespoke approach to ensure all members of the school community make social and academic progress.

Our schools offer specialist support for a wide range of educational needs, including learning and behavioural difficulties like Asperger’s Syndrome and Autistic Spectrum Conditions in addition to Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Development Coordination Disorder.

We provide a nurturing, low stress environment for all our pupils which can be especially helpful to students who find life in the neurotypical world difficult. Studying in a Quaker school offers students coping mechanisms and a level of self-actualisation they might not achieve studying in a state school.

Our institutions can offer one-to-one study and small group sessions to make sure all students receive the help they need to thrive and enjoy their studies.

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Schooling for all

Quaker schools are an inclusive environment where every student is encouraged to develop themselves as an individual and follow their unique interests. We teach children from aged 2 all the way through to age 18, helping them to become fulfilled, confident and positive young people with the talents and drive to make a difference in the world.

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