Secondary school education in Quaker institutions helps children develop into thoughtful, responsible, passionate young people. Our secondary students learn more than what’s on the national curriculum and benefit from a wide range of extracurricular activities.

All Quaker schools promote the benefits of outdoor learning, sports, art, music and drama. Students are engaged in team activities and spend time developing themselves as an individual, not simply their academic talents in our independent secondary schools.

Benefits of secondary school education with us

Our independent secondary schools aren’t obsessed with our positions in league tables. We know that our students will all perform to the best of their ability when it comes to formal assessment because they’re interested and engaged with their lessons. In developing students who are interested in their subjects, we know that their interest, enjoyment and self-motivation mean they’ll achieve their academic potential.

Secondary school education involves an enriching mixture of subjects in our schools. In addition to the traditionally more academic subjects like English, maths, science, history, geography, religious education, physical education, and modern foreign languages, our schools promote the importance of more creative subjects too. The arts, drama and music are fully supported in our schools and we give our students every opportunity to be creative.

Sport-based activity is incredibly important to a Quaker education. Students are encouraged to try a wide range of different physical activities during their time at school. Many of our schools host regular matches against other local schools and encourage friendly competition and teamwork. If a student shows a particular love and skill at a sport, we can offer them the support they need to progress further, with some students going on to compete at a professional level.

Outdoor learning forms a vital part of studying at a Quaker school. We know how important it is to instil a passion and understanding for the natural world in our students. What students learn inside the classroom is often supported by activities and lessons outside school buildings to help make them more memorable and enjoyable.

We offer many different opportunities for trips and volunteering throughout a student’s time in a Quaker secondary school. Exploring the world and offering support to local and global projects helps develop our students’ personal abilities as well as their passion for helping others and making positive changes to the world around them.


Our independent secondary schools offer a combination of full-board, flexi-board or daytime learning for our students that can fit comfortably around your family lifestyle. You can find out more about what each school offers in terms of boarding opportunities and extra schooling sessions.

independent secondary school students on a sofa

Secondary school students who board full-time (7 nights a week) at their school are provided with a safe and comfortable environment where they can concentrate on their studies and grow as an individual. They experience their first taste of independence in a secure location, with resident staff on hand to support them at any time. They get plenty of time to socialise with their friends and can take full advantage of all the extra-curricular activities provided by the school.

two boarding students reading together

Flexi-boarding can be a great solution for students who want to divide their time between their school and their home. They will be allocated a living space that they can make their own while they’re residing at the school, but still get to spend lots of time at home with the family. Flexi-boarding is different at each school. Some schools offer a weekly boarding option with students returning home at the weekends, or the opportunity to board between 2 and 4 nights of the school week.

boarding students at a secondary school

Day students arrive at the school in the morning in time for their lessons and return home at the end of the day. They’re still able to stay on after official school hours have ended to attend after-school clubs and enjoy additional study and social with their friends, but reside full-time in the family home. Lots of our schools offer options for sleepovers so that day students can spend a few nights of the term with their friends. Visit the school’s website or contact them directly to find out more about flexible boarding and sleepover allowances.

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