Many of the Quaker institutions across England and Ireland offer excellent early years education programmes to support early development and give children a quality foundation for lifelong learning.

Each school has its own age range and starting criteria that children need to meet in order to be enrolled. No two Quaker schools are the same and each offer a unique and enriching education for all students, regardless of age.

What are the benefits to early years education?

There are many benefits to formal early years education for your children. In a school setting, children begin making friends and developing their social abilities. They learn to share, build confidence and develop their language, emotional intelligence and intellectual skills.

Your child will spend time both inside and outside the classroom in safe spaces where they can explore, gain new experiences and enjoy learning. Their time is divided between structured activity and free play where they will be encouraged to make decisions about their own preferences and develop their interests.

Quaker philosophy informs the teaching decisions made in our schools, but is free from dogma. Your child will learn our values of friendship, respect and peaceful conflict resolution, things people of all faiths and belief systems can appreciate. Most of the children and staff in our schools do not identify themselves as Quakers, but share in our values.

Children are curious and want to learn about the world around them. By enrolling your child in one of our early years educational programmes, we can help capture that love of learning and make sure they carry it with them through formal schooling and in to their adult lives.


Our early years educational programmes do have fees attached. How much these are depends on the school you’re interested in and how many hours a week your child will be in our care.

However, don’t let this charge discourage you from applying, as many of the schools offer funding schemes and some local authorities offer Nursery Vouchers that can be used to cover some of the costs.

Contact the school you’re interested in for more information about fees and support schemes.

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