Sibford School is one of the many great independent day and boarding schools in Oxfordshire. Based near Banbury, Sibford School stands out among the rest for its long history of providing top quality education informed by Quaker philosophy.

Sibford gives all their students a love of education and provides them with the foundation they need for a lifetime of learning. Young people leave the school well-rounded, confident, respectful and community-minded.

Academic life at Sibford School

Academic life is one of the most important parts of a student’s time at Sibford. During their time in the school, students learn a wide variety of academic subjects and develop themselves as individuals with their own unique talents and hobbies.

A student can start at Sibford in the nursery at three years old and not leave until they’ve achieved their A-Levels at age 18.

Nursery and Reception

Sibford knows that young children learn best through direct experience and seeks to give them as many hands-on lessons as possible. Sensory areas are frequently changed throughout the sessions to make sure children are continually engaged and role play and outdoor learning is an integral part of their curriculum.

Nursery children are encouraged to develop their vocabulary, explore different sounds, listen to stories and learn numeracy skills through play. These skills are then developed in reception class where they begin to learn to learn and write letters and sounds and complete simple calculation skills.

About nursery and reception at Sibford

Junior School

The junior school at Sibford is set in its own distinctive part of the 50 acre campus to give young children the space they need to learn and grow. They have a strong focus on transition and make sure that all students are prepared for the challenges that they’ll face when they move into year 7.

There is a strong focus on literacy, numeracy and science, but teachers are not restricted by the National Curriculum. The school’s innovative and varied curriculum focuses on skills like teamwork, respect and communication as well as delivering a great foundation in core subjects for study in later life. Music, drama, art, technology and sport are key parts of junior learning.

About Sibford’s Junior School

Senior School

The senior school at Sibford aligns with the National Curriculum and students come away with a range of GCSEs and BTECs. Students are encouraged to become lifelong learners and to enjoy their educations. The school recognises that different students are talented in a wide variety of areas and support them with their passion, whether that be in maths and science or horticulture and sport.

There are great resources to enhance the learning of students at Sibford. The school hosts regular conferences, concerts, and exhibitions to showcase work and further development. There is a fully stocked library and excellent ICT facilities that all students can make use of.

About the Sibford's senior school

Sixth Form

Sibford sixth form is a small, close knit community that can offer students a very rewarding and engaging start to their higher education. It helps to prepare young adults of life after school, both academically and personally. Courses are tailored to the interest of each student and tutors offer close, personal support across the two years of study.

Additional workshops are run by specialist subject staff to enhance the knowledge they impart to sixth form students. Being able to learn beyond the classroom with teachers who engage students on a personal and professional level allow for a much deeper and more rewarding understanding of the subject.

About sixth form at Sibford

Why students like Sibford School

Listen to what students of Sibford have to say about their school. Students of all ages share the things they love most about their education and why they’re so happy to study there.

“Everyone supports each other and you can express your feelings.”

“The atmosphere is warm and friendly and the lessons are fun as well as educational.”

“The teachers are always happy for you to ask them for help.”

“Sibford offers good support throughout your learning. For me, in particular, school has helped greatly with my dyslexia.”

“I’m more confident, better at speaking out, and I don’t feel like I’m being judged by what I say or who I am.”

“We get to do lots of outdoor activities.”

“I like Sibford because it has a family feel to it.”

“Here at Sibford, people listen to you and everyone is treated equally.”

“I like the fact that all years socialise and talk to one another.”

“Sibford embraces the idividual – their skills, interests and their personality.”

Extra-curricular activities

Sibford knows that education is about more than just the lessons that are taught during school hours. Students are learning all the time through their experiences with the world, so the school aim to provide lots of different experiences for its students.

All students are encouraged to make use of the extensive sporting equipment provided by the school. They offer a 25m indoor swimming pool, sports hall, squash and tennis courts, and football and rugby pitches. Senior Sibford students can also access the music facilities and the art and textile studios out of school hours while supervised by a member of staff.

House based activities are on offer during the evenings and weekends and include activities like cooking, board games, pool, ping pong and crafting. Houses regularly meet for social events on and off site to bring the whole school together and develop the community.

There are also many trips and activities that take place away from the school grounds that students can go on to enhance their learning and broaden their experiences. The school offers a wide variety of different activities that is continually changing to meet the needs and interests of their pupils.


Students have the opportunity to board at the school or to attend during the day. For those who choose to board, House Parents are on hand at all hours of the day to ensure a comfortable and happy home-from-home.

The school offers a flexible boarding schedule, with some students boarding at the school full-time, weekly or on a flexible basis. Students can also arrange to sleep over at the school certain nights of the term to stay with their friends, join in with after school activities, or complete additional study.

There are three boarding houses at Sibford. Penn House is for boys aged 11 to 16, Margaret Fell is for girls aged 11 to 16, and Fielding is the sixth form co-educational boarding house but has separate wings for sleeping.

About boarding at Sibford

Learning support

Sibford School have a well-established support system that helps students with learning difficulties to achieve their full potential. They can support complex needs such as Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, and Development Coordination Disorder.

Students will follow the National Curriculum alongside their peers with the additional support provided by programmes in literacy, numeracy, and study skills. Tuition occurs in small group settings typically in place of lessons in modern foreign language. At A-Level, students receive one to one tuition to support their studies.

The school also operates a Gifted and Talented scheme for students who are able to achieve exceptionally high results. Additional enrichment sessions and support are provided to ensure students are appropriately challenged and can explore the full extent of their intellectual capabilities.

Admissions Criteria

Before beginning at Sibford School full-time, prospective students must complete certain entry criteria. Students wishing to join the junior school are invited to attend a two day taster session to get to know the teachers and their potential classmates. They will also need to complete core skills assessment in reading, spelling and maths on a one to one basis with a member of the school’s Support for Learning department. All students attending the taster days are welcome to sleep over at the school to get a taste of what boarding there is like.

Year 7

To enter the senior school, students for year 7 can spend two days in the school to make sure it’s the right environment for them. They will also undertake an assessment and fun activities with the current year 6 students. They’ll also meet with the head teacher for a talk.

Years 8-10

Students wanting to enter in years 8 to 10 are also invited to spend two days with their potential classmates. They will be assigned a buddy to experience the normal Sibford daily routine, have an interview with the Head.

Sixth Form

Sixth form students will need to have proof they have achieved at least 5 GCSEs grade A* to C. They are encouraged to come in for a taster day, and will need to produce a piece of free writing and have an interview with the Head or member of sixth form staff.

Sibford School Fees, Scholarships & Bursaries


Sibford School fees are regularly reviewed to make sure the price of each child’s education is always fair and reflective of the support they receive. Upon acceptance of a place, there will be a refundable deposit which will be held by the school until the student leaves.

Day pupils’ fees are inclusive of their lunch, and evening meals can be added on for an additional fee. Boarding pupils have all their meals included in their boarding fee.

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Scholarships & Bursaries

Scholarships and bursaries are available through the school for both Quaker and non-Quaker families. Bursaries can be granted in the form of a discount on day fees and are not dependent on any academic or creative achievement. They are reviewed annually.

Sibford School always award scholarships to students who are showing excellence in art, music, sport and academic study. These scholarships are a maximum of 10% discount on fees.

About scholarships and bursaries

Arrange a visit

All students are invited to attend taster sessions before beginning the process of their enrolment with Sibford School. However, private appointments can be made if the taster session dates aren’t suitable by contacting the school directly.