Becoming an educator in a Quaker school is a very rewarding commitment. Students and staff develop very close working relationships that can be incredibly beneficial and fulfilling for both.

Take a look at our staff experience page if you’re interested in learning a little more about what it’s like to teach in a Quaker school.

Your Application

Positions in our schools are highly sought after because our schools are such great places to work. When vacancies come up, you’ll be able to see them on the school’s website and get all the information you need to submit an application.

Each school has its own requirements that you will need to adhere to. All our schools uphold strict child safeguarding policies you must uphold and you’ll be required to present a satisfactory Disclosure Barring Service (DBS).

If your application is successful, you’ll be invited to interview and should be willing to undergo child protection screening appropriate to the role, including references from previous employers.

Visit the Schools’ Websites for Current Vacanices

Why Work in a Quaker School?

Teaching is not an easy profession, but it’s one of the most important and rewarding careers you can choose for yourself. Becoming an educator in a Quaker institution gives you the change to challenge yourself and will help you grow both as a teacher and as an individual.

We do not obsess over our positions in the league tables. Our students do well and enjoy their learning because of the atmosphere we create in our schools. It’s your hard work and expert knowledge that helps students to learn.

Teacher at a Quaker school

Lack of Ofsted is a major relief… I wasn’t a Literature teacher, I was an Ofsted Technician.

Quaker School teacher comparing their experience in different institutions

You’ll have much greater flexibility over the materials covered in your lessons. Working alongside your students, you’ll be able to ensure they have all the support they need to understand and engage with the detail in your lessons.

While our schools do not have to comply with the National Curriculum, many choose to ensure their students have the knowledge they need to excel under formal testing. Our students come away having achieved top quality GCSEs, BTECs and A-Levels because they were interested and engaged with your lessons.

There’s a diversity of teaching […] you feel free to actually be able to explore different techniques.

Quaker School teacher
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The resources you need for your lessons will be readily accessible to you, and the schools are able to help you access any additional support you might need. We keep class sizes small to ensure everyone inside our teaching spaces get the attention they need.

You’ll gain experiences you might never have expected during your time with us. A rich, diverse culture is celebrated in Quaker schools and we aim to cater for a broad range of interests and social backgrounds that you’ll be able to share in.

All people living and working with us share in the benefits of an open, peaceful and reflective environment. You’ll be encouraged to join in with silent meetings and will be able to develop yourself alongside your students.

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Everyone is very welcomed and very tolerated, so it is a very accepting environment and that makes for a very pleasant environment to teach in.

Teacher in a Quaker school

Boarding and extra-curricular activities

All our schools pride themselves on the additional learning opportunities we can provide for our students. Were you to join the teaching team at any of our schools, you would be expected to get involved in many of these activities. These can include clubs and events on the school site as well as residentials and trips away with students.

You will be able to share many more of your skills with your students than your subject area. Activities and clubs are facilitated by teachers who bring exciting additional experiences and talents to further enrich students’ experiences.

Your relationship with your class is a very personal relationship.

Quaker School Teacher
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Many of our pupils choose to board with us. Our schools employ house staff to ensure that students are cared for at all hours of the day or night. Teaching staff aren’t typically required to live on site with students; though you will need to consult with the individual school you are interested in working in for further details.