Our students:

Learn to challenge the status quo

Look for non-violent solutions to problems

Possess a determination to help make the world a better place

Quaker Values in Education

Quaker school children

Quaker values in education are based on the knowledge that every single person has a worthwhile contribution to make.
Pupils in a Quaker school learn in a pressure-free environment to support their study without the fear of failure, leading to greater attainment during formal assessment.

Our students perform well because they are engaged with their lessons and are challenged and supported in their studies. They benefit from the use of silence to reflect upon their studies and experiences which then encourages them to develop an open-minded approach to the world.

All our schools offer students an enriching and exciting education they’ll carry with them for the rest of their lives. We provide every individual with moral, social, spiritual and educational progression, creating lifelong friendships and a passion for living and learning.

Education in a Quaker school equips students with respect for all and confidence without arrogance. They leave us with a resilient, enquiring and reflective mind and go on to help make the world a better place, achieving personal and professional fulfilment along the way.

All our schools are connected by the key Quaker values in education:

  • Silent reflection helps students and staff develop as individuals
  • We promote truth and integrity in all that we do
  • All learning should promote social responsibility and global sustainability
  • We encourage positive and peaceful resolutions to conflict
  • Everyone is of equal worth and diversity is celebrated
  • Students develop open-mindedness and confidence without arrogance
  • Academic study should be rich, challenging and free from anxiety

Quaker schools in England & Ireland

If you’re interested in a Quaker education, there are some wonderful Quaker Schools in England and Ireland to choose from. We support students from age 2 all the way through to 18 and provide a great foundation for success and fulfilment in life after school.

The Religious Society of Friends (often simply named “Friends” or “Quakers”) have been educating students for over 300 years. Our students all receive a great education facilitated by engaging teachers. We take pride in creating a positive and productive learning environment for all and all members of staff in a Quaker school support the knowledge and development of each pupil.

Teachers and students both share in the values promoted through a Quaker education and you can find them at the heart of everything we do. The majority of pupils and staff in Quaker schools aren’t part of the Quaker faith community group, but our values can be shared by everyone.

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Quaker School Student

This school really encourages you to be an individual, it doesn’t shape you in a certain way like other schools might. It encourages you to be yourself, and be successful as yourself.

Lower Sixth, Leighton Park

Your Questions Answered

Considering a Quaker education for yourself or a loved one? You’ll likely have lots of questions. We aim to answer lots of these on-site for you and have created helpful resources for you to read through at your leisure.

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