Climbing Mount Everest … one step at a time

- 18 June 2018 -

Pupils and friends of Sibford School near Banbury took on a race to the summit of Mount Everest.

Sibford Quaker school climb Everest in step challenge

Pictured: Pupils complete the final steps in style. They were also supported by parents, friends and old scholars.

The challenge

For one week, at the start of PE lessons, pupils took part in a one minute step activity. They used it as part of their warm ups.

On Saturday 16 June, at the school’s annual Open Day, they reached the top! The school successfully completed the 58,070 steps required to cover 8,848 metres. So, they covered all the distance needed to scale the height of Mount Everest.

The sponsored Everest Challenge is just one event in their school fundraising. The school has also undertaken lots of events to help fund a new climbing wall.

Message from the head

Sibford Head Toby Spence said: “We are very excited about the climbing wall which will be coming to Sibford in September 2018. We are very fortunate that our parent association is jointly funding this exciting venture alongside school funds.

“However, the Everest Challenge was a chance for the whole school community to get involved with the fund raising. Successfully completing 58,070 steps in just a week was no mean feat. We entered Saturday with 1,936 steps still to complete but we made it. Thanks to support from parents, friends and even old scholars, we were able to reach the summit of Everest during our Open Day celebrations.”