The Tenner Challenge at Leighton Park

- 10 February 2020 -

The Tenner Challenge has been very well received by year 7 students at Leighton Park School. They’ve been hard at work in their tutor groups competing to raise the most profit from their ten pounds. All the profits will go to charity.

The students came up with a wide range of fantastic businesses. They needed great ideas to encourage their cohort to part with their cash for a good cause. Businesses ranged from selling after school snacks to making unique cards.

Brownies, cookies and cupcakes from ‘Musical Monkeys’ were very popular in the school. As were the products from ‘The Little Scrunchie Company’. They made and sold bright, colourful scrunchies in a variety of fabrics. The team of hot chocolate vendors, ‘The Chocolate Llamas’, also had lots of success with their business. They even managed to outsource their ideas to another school which supplemented the money they were making from Leighton Park students!

Feedback on the school Tenner Challenge

Fryer’s Resident Graduate, Heather Sweetman, reflected, “The Tenner Challenge has been a fantastic idea. All of them have been really creative and come up with very different ideas. They’ve learnt how to be proactive, what is and isn’t possible and about the importance of teamwork and organisation.”

Daniel Fisher-Wienesen, who is a tutor to three of the participating teams, reflected, “They have learnt that they need to structure their activities; they can’t just jump straight in. They have had to plan it first and put in some thought. It’s been a really collaborative process to get such an assortment of ideas to work.”

Stephanie McGill, tutor to ‘The Chocolate Llamas’ noted, “My pupils are very well bonded as a form and so it was interesting to split them up into these teams and see their individual skills develop. Watching them work so collaboratively has been a joy. It’s been a really enjoyable project and it’s raised a lot of money for charity too.”

Leighton Park Year 7 students presenting their Tenner Challenge

What a fantastic idea to challenge students and raise some money for very worthy charities. Well done to everyone involved!

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