Sisters Sew Their Support

- 15 May 2020 -

Students of Leighton Park have been hard at work to help make key workers a little more comfortable. Using face masks is key to keeping workers safe during the pandemic, but wearing them rubs on the ears and causes irritation.

Making face mask extenders

Sisters Isla (year 8) and Maisy (lower sixth) have been working with their mum to create comfortable, stylish face mask extenders. Isla explained a little more about why they started making these fabric extenders:

“The project started near the end of Easter. It was my mum’s idea as we wanted to help somehow. We have a friend who is Head Sister in an A&E so we asked her what we could do. She asked if we could make extenders as the masks rub on their ears causing irritation.”

By the end of April, the Leighton Park students had made over 100 face mask extenders and they show no signs of stopping. Isla reported:

“We have made over 110 mask extenders and continue to make more. They also don’t get stuck in their hair. They have asked us to make as many as we can, so we have more elastic coming.”

With  no template to follow, Isla, Maisy and their mum and had to come up with the design for the face mask extenders themselves. Once they’d settled on a design that really worked, they could replicate that for future extenders. Isla explains how they create each one:

“We made them by cutting long strips of fabric them sewing them. Then cutting them into tubes, putting elastic in them and then sewing up the ends and finally sewing on buttons. We had to come up with our own pattern. My mum, sister and I are all helping on the project.”

What a fantastic way to help NHS workers. Brilliant work Isla and Maisy!

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face mask extenders made by Leighton Park students