Friends all around the world

- 16 January 2019 -

Former Leighton Park student Jeremy Baster (R1964) realised that he would be spending a few weeks in Hong Kong. He knew he was going to be a complete stranger and was worried about being lonely. So, he contacted the Alumni and Development office to see if they could help.

Old Leightonians meeting up in Hong Kong

A few weeks later, he was on a roof top in Hong Kong. Not alone, Jeremy was chatting to fellow Leighton Park alumni Mark Tung (R1984). Jeremy wrote:

“I met up with Mark Tung one Saturday morning, at his office block. The flat rooftop provides space for a series of mini-allotments, lovingly tended by the staff.  He is a very nice guy and we had a couple of hours very interesting chat on the rooftop. I learnt a good deal about Hong Kong from him.  As I was at LP almost 20 years before him, we didn’t have any staff in common. We did get a photo taken of both of us, Mark looking good, but myself a bit disheveled (used to a Scottish winter, I found it quite warm in Hong Kong.)  It made all the difference having a few contacts in Hong Kong. Thanks for your help in putting me in touch with him.”

Penny Wallington, Alumni Coordinator commented: “It was great to see the wonderful Old Leightonian network across the world in action. People who didn’t know each other helping one another with a shared camaraderie stemming from the school.”