William Penn Primary School is a reception and primary school for children in West Sussex. Students attend classes in the day and take part in lots of exciting, enriching extra-curricular activities alongside their lessons.

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Academic life at William Penn School

Children are encouraged to explore their talents at William Penn School. They follow the National Curriculum and learn all the vital skills that they’ll need when they progress into secondary school. Teachers provide a week by week overview for parents that can be used to support their learning at home.

There are 4 classes in the school at any one time. Class 1 “Cadbury” caters for reception students and the younger children in Year 1. Class 2 “Fox” teachers Years 1 and 2. Class 3 “Fry” teachers Years 3 and 4, and Class 4 “Jocelyn Bell Burnell” is for Years 5 and 6.


Reception classes aim to inspire their students. The school helps them to learn in an active way, using everyday objects and shapes to teach key maths concepts and students get time for 1:1 reading sessions.

Students learn through play and are given lots of opportunities to explore new things. Class sizes throughout the school are small to ensure that each child gets the valuable attention they need to succeed.


When they enter the primary school, students have an excellent knowledge foundation that they can build on. They explore the basics of maths and science and the school gives lots of attention to developing literacy skills. Children get structured spelling word lists and lots of support to develop their understanding of grammar and punctuation.

There are plenty of opportunities for students to explore their talents in sports and music too, as well as a great range of extra-curricular activities. The school also has a fantastic recycling scheme and an Eco Green Club to help children learn about the importance of sustainability.

Extra-curricular activities

hockey team at William Penn Primary School

There are lots of clubs and extra-curricular activities that pupils can get involved in. What is offered is constantly changing based on the interests of the current students. Recently, these clubs and activities have included things like dance, computer coding, tag rugby, fencing, and a school choir.

tie recycling at William Penn Primary School

The school has an excellent recycling policy that all students get involved in. Their Eco Focus initiative has been running since 2012 and they gather waste that would otherwise be sent to landfill, including: pens, biscuit wrappers, food pouches, mobile technology, plastic milk bottle tops, home cleaning product packaging, beauty product packaging, neck ties, and aluminium ring pulls.

May day celebrations at Willam Penn Primary School

The school likes to keep traditions alive. At different points in the year, teachers, students and parents come together to celebrate long standing traditions of the school and the UK. One of their favourite events of the year is the May Day celebration. Every year, the children enjoy dancing, role playing and learning about British history and traditions.

Special educational needs

Every child at William Penn is treated as an individual and the school does everything it can to support the needs of every student. For children with special educational needs, they use professional guidance to offer the very best support. Teachers work closely with Speech and Language Therapy and Educational Psychology Services to gain the appropriate resources for their pupils.

For pupils who are working at a higher level than their peers, the school offers an enrichment programme. They’ll be challenged to use their learning in more complex ways to make sure their creativity and intellectual curiosity is being encouraged at all times.

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Lunch times

William Penn School knows how important meals are to a growing child. It helps them to develop physically and gives them the energy they need to enjoy their school day. A healthy, two course meal is served every day.

All children in Key Stage 1 are entitled to a hot meal at lunchtime. This will be ordered automatically for them by the school. Students in Key Stage 2 are also able to enjoy meals at school, but these must be ordered separately.

William Penn is a nut-free school. If your child comes to school with a packed lunch, please make sure none of the food contains nuts.

During special events and celebrations, snacks and themed foods are provided.

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Admission to William Penn Primary School

The County Admissions Team manages the admission of pupils into William Penn Primary School. Children are able to enter the school’s full time education from the September prior to their 5th birthday.

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Arrange your visit

If you’re considering William Penn for your child, arrange a visit by contacting the school directly.

You can reach them on 01403 741274 or via the website.