St Andrew’s School provides specialist teaching for students with autism, communication difficulties, and autism spectrum disorders.

The school teaches students aged between 6 and 16 and seeks to develop each child individually. They create a calming, structured learning environment that nurtures students and gives them the confidence to stretch themselves.

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Academic life at St Andrew’s School

St Andrew’s School challenges their students academically but knows that each student is unique. Previous exam results show 100% of their students achieving at least level 3 in maths and science, and 58% of students with a gold award for entry level English.

The school’s curriculum is broad and well balanced and meets the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum where appropriate. Lessons emphasise core subjects like English and maths, and focus on the development of personal skills.

Key Stage 2

Students start at the school in Key Stage 2. At this level, lessons focus on keeping students engaged and place a lot of emphasis on creativity. Teachers work with students on key subject areas and help them develop a love of learning.

Specialist teachers continually monitor and track progress. They use National Curriculum progression guidance to inform their reports, but aren’t limited by it.

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3, students become more confident in their own interests and abilities and want to continue to develop. Teachers at St Andrew’s School take each individuals strengths, interests, barriers and vulnerabilities into account in their lessons.

Students will benefit from cross-curricular learning as well as subject specific lessons. All their progress is tracked in relation to the National Curriculum.

Key Stage 4

As students enter Key Stage 4, they’re much more confident in their learning and are able to make active choices about their studies. St Andrew’s offers them a flexible curriculum to meet with student interest and abilities.

There are a range of different qualifications on offer to students. They can choose to undertake:

  • Traditional GSCEs
  • Entry level qualifications
  • Functional skills qualifications
  • Vocational qualifications

Which they choose is entirely dependent on the individual.

Learning support

St Andrew’s School provides for students with autism, communication difficulties, and autism spectrum disorders. They use a carefully structured programme for academic and social progression. Each student is able to make use of individual therapy alongside their lessons.

Class sizes are small, and there is a high staff to student ratio throughout the whole school. The integrated approach to learning and social development has been very beneficial to students in the past.

Every student will have access to the resources they need to be able to develop themselves. St Andrew’s creates a secure, trusted environment for its students. Children get the chance to flourish as individuals and gain many new experiences.

The school even have a weekly visit from Mila, a therapy dog that has been very helpful to students. She’s become a valuable member of the St Andrew’s team.

Arrange a visit

If you’d like to learn more about the school and how it could benefit your child, contact them directly. The team at St Andrew’s would love to hear from you and to offer more information about the school.

They’re open Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm. You can reach them on 01263 837927 or by emailing