Chaigeley School mental well being day

- 16 October 2018 -

mental wellbeing wall at Chaigeley School

Chaigeley School display wall about mental health in schools

The Chaigeley School mental well being day was a big success and a great way to bring staff and students together. On October 12th staff and learners at Chaigeley School started to raise awareness for mental health in schools. Staff and pupils joined in on a mental well being themed day that was full of fun.

Classes investigated celebrities who have suffered with mental health issues. They learned how these celebrities have dealt with and overcome their mental health conditions. Learners researched people like Eminem, Lil Wayne, Gary Barlow and Elvis.

The school also uncovered facts which may have contributed to their poor mental health and how they over came them.

Learners also created a piece of work to show their happy place. They captured it either a picture, quote, or movement. All the fantastic pieces of work were used to create the whole school display you can see pictured here.