Bootham School’s Christian Aid Fundraiser

- 13 March 2020 -

Bootham School students have been hard at work planning and running their Christian Aid fundraiser and have done marvellously!

Bootham School charity fundraiser fundraiser student team

Back in January, the students started planning a school charity fundraiser event for Christian Aid. Students from Year 7 through to Year 10 got involved in the project. They worked beautifully together, sharing ideas and planning their event.

Originally, the students decided on a ‘Secret Cupid’ event. They were going to design and deliver personalised Valentine’s Day cards around the schools. But, as they kept talking, their ideas evolved and they changed their project’s scope. Instead, they brought their plans in-line with the Christian principle of ‘love thy neighbour’ and the ‘Share the Love’ fundraiser was born.

Phase One

Phase one of the ‘Share the Love’ Christian Aid fundraiser was to advertise the re-branded event. The students made posters to put up around the school and they announced the event in the morning meeting.

Phase Two

Students then moved on to phase two of their event planning. They set up a stall in the dining room and started taking orders. They were selling cards and chocolates to the rest of the school with personalised messages to share the love.

Students and staff donated £2 for their personalised gift. Everyone got involved! Teachers, students, caterers and cleaners all joined in with the school charity fundraiser.

Phase Three

Phase three was all about filling the orders they’d taken. Students put their artistic skills to the test to produce different card designs. Once they’d decided on their final design, it was silk screen printed with the help of the art department.

Personalised messages were then inscribed into the cards which were lovingly sealed in envelopes. On 14th February, students delivered the packages. The students sent nearly 100 cards around the school in the spirit of love and friendship.

The Share the Love campaign raised £181.55, but the students aren’t finished yet! They’ve already begun work on a new fundraising campaign for the second half of term to continue raising money for Christian Aid. Well done everyone!

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Bootham School charity fundraiser chocolates and personalised cards