Accessible water fountain design

- 29 July 2021 -

Henry Elsome, one of the talented College students at Bootham School, has designed a creative and innovative, accessible water fountain for wheelchair users.

Henry submitted the accessible water fountain design as part of his A Level DT. He came up with the idea after realizing that there was limited access to drinking water for child wheelchair users and disabled people in schools.

School children on average don’t drink enough water. This is very important as water is vital for everyday life as it keeps humans hydrated and energized. According to the NHS UK, we should be drinking 1.2 litres of water each day. Not drinking enough water can have a negative effect on their learning. It can lead to headaches, loss of focus, bad behaviour and more importantly, dehydration,” Henry explained.

Henry’s talent has already been recognized nationally. He is the holder of a prestigious Arkwright scholarship. Henry will begin a degree in Mechatronics Engineering at Manchester University this Autumn.

Head of DT Eamonn Molloy said: “This is an exceptional piece of work for any A level student, never mind during a year and a half of Covid restrictions.

You can watch Henry explain his design in this video.

Well done, Henry!

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