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Sibford underlines Quaker heritage

7 July 2014

Sibford School has developed three distinct new images combining Sibford School’s values with its Quaker heritage. The new images illustrate the core areas of ‘Respect’, ‘Relationships’ and ‘Resilience’ and were created by pupils from across the school.

Maggie Guy, Deputy head said: “Our Quaker heritage underpins Sibford School in all areas of school life and our key focus with pupils is on the three core areas of developing respect, relationships and resilience.

“Having asked the students to expand on these themes the challenge was then how to illustrate the results. Leaning towards the Quaker ‘Q’ and using the key words as lines that dip out of the circle seemed an obvious answer.

 The images were launched at hte schools open day in June which had a theme of ‘People Who Inspire Me.’

Sibford head Michael Goodwin said: “The literal definition of the word ‘inspire’ is ‘to breathe or blow upon or into’ and as we go through life there are many people whose breath makes its mark on us.