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Quaker worship

The heart of the Quaker way is the silent meeting for worship. We seek a communal gathered stillness, where we can be open to inspiration from the Spirit of God. In our meetings we find both peace of mind and challenging insights, deep community and a renewed sense of individual purpose, and joy to wonder at God’s creation.

Not everyone finds the word 'God' helpful – some Quakers use a different image or concept such as 'spirit' or 'the light'.

During our meetings for worship, some may feel moved to speak: something anyone may do, as all are considered equal. Quakers do not have priests, or a hierarchy, as we believe all people can have a direct relationship with God.

You do not have to be a Quaker to attend Quaker meetings, which are open to all. Meetings can be held anywhere, at any time, although they are often on Sundays in our Quaker meeting houses. If you would like to join us and share in our stillness you would be most welcome.

Children are welcome at most meetings and some run a group specifically for them.

To find out more about local meetings close to you, please click here (link to be added) for information.