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On Top of the World - Outstanding Ofsted at Special School

25 April 2016

 Breckenbrough School is rated outstanding overall: The school that ‘sees the good in people’


Pupils and staff at Breckenbrough are celebrating a most successful Ofsted social care inspection. Breckenbrough is judged to be 'Outstanding' in every way.

The large majority of students greatly enjoy their schooling, and thrive as a result of the 24-hour support and attention they receive. They relish the wide range of activities on offer including exciting outdoor pursuits. Those who like spending time on their own, or being with other students, are able to do so.

Many ex-residents keep in touch with the school long after they leave, evidence of the strong and lasting bonds they forge with staff. Many describe the school as being like their extended family.

Staff are experienced, receive excellent training, and are totally committed to the ethos of the school. All staff work in harmony to provide a high level of support to residential students. The skill and application of staff contributes to the exceptional outcomes for residential students, particularly in respect of their social development.

The school’s quality of leadership is exceptional. External scrutiny by the governing body is very strong, providing an additional level of quality assurance.

The school adheres to the Quaker principles of restorative justice (supporting students to make reparation to those they have wronged) and resolving conflicts through negotiation. Staff help residential students to become more aware of their behaviour and how it might impact on others.

Head master Geoff Brookes said ‘This inspection confirms our status as an outstanding provider of supportive and nurturing education for boys whose needs cannot be met by mainstream schools. It is a tribute to the hard work and dedication of all the staff.’

 Breckenbrough is a residential special school which caters for able boys with emotional, social and behavioural difficulties, including autism.