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Friends’ Schools' Council (FSC)

Friends’ Schools' Council (FSC) is a group established to support Quakers in education. Membership includes the Quaker Schools in the United Kingdom and Ireland as well as other education institutions established on a Quaker foundation.

The primary purpose of the group is to promote and develop Quaker education throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland through the work of the Executive Committee.

The long term strategic purpose of the group is to arrange an annual conference and other means to support membership which can include but is not exclusive to schools, other educational institutions, education groups based on Quaker principles and Friends working in education.


  • Two levels of membership exist – Full and Associate Membership.
  • Full Membership is open to Quaker Schools and educational institutions in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
  • Other groups and individuals can apply for Associate Membership, this includes Friends in education and others who may have an empathy with Quakerism and are in education.


  • Created by constitution full members of FSC meet annually to agree the activities of the Council.
  • The Executive Committee comprising representatives of those groups that are in Full Membership meet three times a year to progress the Council’s strategic plan.