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Bootham School


York YO30 7BU


Set in the heart of York, within about 400 metres of York Minster and the historic medieval city walls, Bootham enjoys one of the most beautiful settings of any English city school. The following words are written by Jonathan Taylor, Headmaster, to describe the school: “Everyone's achievement is important. This means not merely providing opportunities for students, but also expecting everyone to become active contributors to the community. In academic study, the brightest Bootham scholars have an enviable record of very high achievement - but we celebrate equally whatever achievements are the best a student can manage. In sport, music and the arts, our students shine in many different ways both within the school and through participation in local, county and national teams and events. There are opportunities for our students to explore and extend their interests through the diverse and extensive programme of daily activities. And Bootham students' commitment to building a better world is seen in their willingness to participate in social and community projects.

There are of course many good schools which will offer, in their own way, routes to success. What is it that specifically makes 'the Bootham difference? I believe it is the Quaker appreciation that there is something of God in everyone. That's a very positive way to approach education. It underpins the caring relationships within the school, both amongst students and between students and staff. It is proof that collaboration and resolution are more profitable ways forward than conflict; that integrity is more valuable than showiness or sharp practice. It offers our students a real model for successful, trustworthy conduct in the world - the same business practice, based on honesty and openness, that has made the great Quaker companies so successful. To join Bootham is to join a community.

If the ideas here meet something of your own beliefs in bringing up children - if you believe in enquiry, a lack of pretension, the opportunity to 'become yourself' - then I invite you to visit the school and explore further.”

Jonathan Taylor, Head of Bootham School.

Bootham is situated in the heart of York, 300metres from York Minster and 10 minutes walk from York station. Leeds/Bradford, Newcastle and Manchester airports are within easy reach.