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Bootham School Teachers celebrate European Day

1 October 2014

“Today at Bootham School we are celebrating the European Day of Languages along with many other schools and institutions across Europe.”  Said Richard Taylor, Bootham’s Head of Languages, “We’ve got a range of fun, linguistic activities on offer aimed at getting across the message that languages really do matter.  In an increasingly competitive world, the latest research shows that speaking only English is as much of a disadvantage as speaking no English.  At Bootham, we want to educate pupils to be global citizens and that means engaging seriously with the learning of foreign languages.”

The day is an initiative of the Council of Europe which promotes multilingualism and celebrates our cultural diversity. At Bootham the language teachers have got into the full spirit of the occasion by dressing in the costumes of famous characters from European history.  In addition, students have been asked to wear colours and outfits denoting all the different European countries’ flags.  There will be traditional French, German and Spanish food for lunch along with a whole host of other activities around a European theme, including some taster dance classes for those interested in traditional dance.