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Bootham School Filmakers receive a schools' Oscar

20 May 2015

Bootham School filmmakers were highly honoured to receive an international schools’ film festival ‘Oscar’ statuette, awarded to them by The Bridge Film Festival, a Quaker film festival run in partnership with schools across the UK and the USA.

The Years 11, 12 and 13 filmmaking group were set the task to create an anti-bullying video, targeting cyber bullying in particular. They worked together to create three films of 15 seconds each, created to be used on social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
Bootham’s Filmmaker in Residence, Eloise Davison, who has her own production company, said, “After they had made the films I felt they were good enough to be entered in this international festival. Everyone was delighted when we heard the news that not only had they won a Judges’ Choice Award, but had produced the only film to gain full marks in each of the judges’ criteria.

“This is what the panel had to say:
‘Very well done. The filmmaker does a great job of illustrating how social media can be detrimental when it's not used wisely. This film also speaks to the value of simplicity and not getting lost in one's possessions.’
‘This was a really professional looking film. The technical quality and special effects were excellent. The message was clear and direct. The soundtrack was effective. The pacing was good. The message popped, with a high impact conclusion.  Nicely done!’
“They worked to turn the films around extremely quickly and all put in an amazing amount of time and effort for a brilliant result! The films have also been used in school as part of anti-cyber bullying week.”
Headmaster Jonathan Taylor said, “This is a great honour for all concerned.  Congratulations to the students and to Eloise Davison – the films show not only their skill but their insight.”   
The Student Filmmakers:
Benedict Santos-Pearcy
Kezia Sheard
Bronwen Kramer
Robert Hall
Maya Gallagher-Coates

The Bridge Film Festival is an international festival of student made films from Friends Schools and Meetings worldwide that is dedicated to making films that depict Quaker values in action.  For further information please click here

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