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Lord Stuart Rose - Champion of the 'In' Campaign and the Old Boy of Bootham School, York

13 Oct 2015

Lord Stuart Rose, who leads the official campaign to keep Britain in Europe, was educated at Bootham School in York. The well regarded independent school, known for its Quaker heritage and values, has often been referred to by Lord Rose as having had a strong influence on his own outlook on life. Stuart Rose attended Bootham School in the 1960’s.

Another anniversary for one who held the Croix de Guerre

25 Sep 2015

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Inspectors recognise Quaker values at Sibford School

2 Jun 2015

Sibford School in Oxfordshire has been recognised by independent school inspectors as holding Quaker values at the heart of its day-to-day life.In a report published by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI), the school is praised for providing an environment that enables pupils to ‚Äėdevelop in confidence, self-esteem and tolerance‚Äô.The report continues: ‚ÄúThe leadership has considerable strengths and the school is considered by pupils, parents and staff to be well run.